September 16, 2021



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Ann Arbor, Michigan Summer Engagement Photos | Hadleigh and Luke

The evening sun was golden and warm and the peaceful countryside of Ann Arbor, Michigan did not disappoint for Hadleigh and Luke’s summer engagement photos!

We started off the session at Luke’s beautiful family property tucked in the Michigan countryside. The goldenrod and wildflowers caught the light of the summer sun and soft greens were the perfect compliment to Hadleigh and Luke’s attire. Later in the evening, Hadleigh and Luke changed into the cutest second outfit, perfect for our second location. Hadleigh grew up riding and being around horses, so when she mentioned photos on a farm, I could not think of anything more perfect.  We walked around the neighboring farmland and just took in the peaceful, summer evening. The horses even came over to say hello!

Hadleigh went to school with me at Ave Maria and I have always admired her drive, heart, and faith. She is truly one of the friendliest, hardworking, and impressive women I have ever met. Ask anyone, and I guarantee you they will say the same! You always feel better after you leave a conversation with Hadleigh and she puts others before herself always. Hadleigh is *such* a catch and I knew whatever man got lucky enough to be her husband was truly someone special.

It was my first time meeting Luke and right away I knew he was absolutely perfect for Hadleigh. Even from one conversation with him, I could tell how sincere, steady, and caring he was. He just adores Hadleigh and they both are so content when they are with each other. Photographing them was a breeze, they are absolute naturals! Hadleigh, you choose so well, and Luke, you are a lucky man! 

April better hurry up and get here soon because I cannot wait to watch these two become husband and wife! Enjoy some of my favorites from their Ann Arbor Michigan Summer Engagement Photo Session.

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