At its heart, a wedding is a peek into the beauty and goodness of God. Hushed wonder in the air, the bride in all her radiance, fresh flowers spilling forth, and the joy as man and wife become one...

It’s heavenly. Divine. A moment in time that ripples into eternity. As Catholic Wedding Photographers based in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit — we are passionate about artfully capturing every moment of your wedding day because ultimately, we believe that it is sacred.

As you envision the first day of your marriage, you’re looking for wedding photography that goes deeper than pretty details and latest trends. You want timeless portraits that reflect your love, the light and beauty that surrounds you, and the holiness of the Sacrament itself.

With an editorial eye and photojournalistic approach — our imagery reverences the depth and meaning of a Catholic wedding while keeping a sophisticated, timeless, and quintessentially classic style that endures. Your wedding is a beautiful beginning. We’d love to be a part of it.


nce in awhile, we get a glimpse of heaven on earth.


The wedding Experience

Inspired by the style and aesthetic of a bygone era, we shoot a hybrid of film and digital photography.

Blending mediums allows us to weave together a rich collection of imagery that is both elevated and honest. From warm exchanges between loved ones to editorial portraits fit for a frame — your final gallery will be filled with elegant photos that mean something to you and those you love.

Your vision is our inspiration.

- alexandra + nick

She went above and beyond in every possible way, and she brought so much joy and peace to our wedding day.

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As Catholic wedding photographers, you never have explain what images you desire from your wedding mass. From the consecration to receiving communion, we know exactly what moments to look out for while being respectful of the sacrament taking place.

Treasure the
Catholic Faith.



From breathtaking cathedrals and classic art to framed family pictures and candlelit date nights at the kitchen table. Our couples share our belief that beauty, in things both big and small, lifts our eyes to heaven.

Delight in the beautiful details of life.



The presence of your loved ones means more than words can say. We treat family photos as the heirlooms they are and are careful to document the generations that have shaped you into the people you are today.

Value family +



Catholic WEdding Photography

Married on a late summer day, our wedding memories have a warm glow about them. We cried at communion, champagne toasted with our beloved families, and danced to Etta James as she sang, “And here we are in heaven for you are mine at last.”

The joy we experienced at our own wedding sparked a deep passion for documenting the Sacrament of Marriage. Even now as we look at our wedding album we are edified in our journey to build a beautiful, faith-filled legacy. In that way, wedding photography ages like fine wine. Those timeless portraits aren’t just for right now — if you’re anything like us they’ll become an enduring reminder of where it all began and what you hope to create.

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