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5 Catholic Traditions to Incorporate Into Your Catholic Wedding Day

The Catholic Church is full of rich traditions that make the sacrament of marriage that much more beautiful. Keeping reading for 5 Catholic Traditions that you can incorporate into your Catholic Wedding Day.

1. Praying together before your Wedding Mass

Like the idea of being together before the ceremony but are wanting to wait for the altar for the big reveal? No problem! Praying together before mass is a beautiful way to prepare in person without compromising on tradition.


2. The Nuptial Blessing and The Care Cloth

The nuptial blessing is a beautiful wedding prayer that the priest prays over the newly married couple. Right after the Our Father, the priest will call the bride and groom forward for the blessing already invoking the sacramental graces of marriage! Your priest may already be planning to incorporate this prayer into your wedding liturgy, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm!

The velatio nuptialis is an ancient tradition of the Catholic Church, established since at least the fourth century. During the nuptial blessing, a white cloth (pallium) is held over the couple. St. Ambrose wrote that “It is fitting that the marriage be sanctified by the imposition of the veil and the blessing of the priest.” The white cloth signifies the bright cloud, which is at once a sign of God’s protection accompanying the chosen people wandering in the desert the Holy Spirit overshadowing Mary and the bright cloud of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. Read more about this tradition, here!

3. Consecration to Our Lady and Saint Joseph.

Most Catholic brides and grooms choose to bring flowers to Our Lady and ask for her intercession through personal prayer. This dedication typically takes place right after communion but can also happen right after the vows. If you are a couple who has a special devotion to Our Lady or St. Joseph, talk to your priest and consider preparing to consecrate yourselves on your wedding day!

4. Saying your Vows with a Crucifix in Hand

This tradition stems from a small town in Croatia where every Catholic couple says their vows while holding a crucifix. In living memory, Croatian couples who incorporate this tradition have reported not one divorce. Instead of kissing each other at the conclusion of their vows, the couple kisses the cross. If the couple decides to separate they are not only leaving each other but leaving Jesus to suffer on the cross. SO powerful! I had chills the first time I heard of this tradition and my husband and I incorporated this at our Catholic wedding mass. The cross we held at the altar now hangs above our bed as a reminder!

5. Exchanging the Wedding Rings

Flip your hand over and look at your ring finger. You will see the three creases where your finger bends. When you put the ring on your husband’s hand and he puts it on yours, you are vowing to love him and stay faithful him. As you say this part of your vows, you will slowly put the ring on your spouse’s finger, stopping at the 3 creases of the finger in time with the words, “In the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit” The priest that married us suggested this at our wedding rehearsal and I could not love it more!

What wedding ideas and traditions do you plan to use on your at your Catholic wedding mass or on your wedding day? Be sure to let me know by commenting below! For more resources and support on planning a Catholic wedding mass, visit Spoken Bride for endless ideas and inspiration!

Thank you for reading! – Colette

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