June 7, 2021


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Where to Purchase Your Wedding Day Jewelry

On the hunt for where to purchase your wedding day jewelry? Overwhelmed by the options? Don’t be!

Shopping for wedding day jewelry can be pushed off to the last minute, dreaded, or even forgotten about!  Shopping doesn’t have to be a chore! I’ve listed 5 stores you can shop and buy wedding day jewelry from today, with a bonus idea at the end! 

1. BHLDN & Anthropologie

 BHLDN & Anthropologie have something for each bride –  from bohemian to classic, you cannot go wrong with this company! Pretty much everything these two companies create are a recipe for beauty!

2. Sara Gabriel

Sarah Gabriel has the most stunning pieces for brides, just wait until you see her statement earrings! I just loved the earrings that one of my previous brides, Ariel, chose for her wedding day! View them below.

3. Olive & Piper

Perfect for the bride who would prefer stud earrings or more dainty jewelry options!


The ASOS site is full of options to accessorize your entire bridal party! With their large inventory they challenge a fun hunt for a unique piece.

5. Etsy

Shop & support the talent of small business owners on Etsy! You can purchase anything from dainty necklaces to the biggest, most incredible statement earrings! 

6. Heirloom Jewelry from Family!

Quite often, relatives pass down jewelry to their loved ones for special occasions such as this! See if anyone in your family has a piece you can borrow for the big day! 

Thanks for reading! – Colette