April 7, 2022


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What You Must Know Before Your Engagement Session

1. Read The Style Guide We Gave You!

If we are working together for engagement and wedding day photos, one of the reasons you may have chosen to work together is because you resonate with my past work and photography style! I want to provide all my couples with the best possible experience and give them all the tips and tricks. Because of this, I have created a 75+ page bridal guide magazine AND engagement session guide for all my couples! My guides are packed with information about the best places to shop for outfits, what locations to choose from, and even what time of day is best to photograph in. If you follow the advice in the guides, you will be more prepared, know what to expect, and hopefully enjoy the experience that much more!

2. Clean your Ring and Get your Nails Done!

During your engagement session, I always take a few close-up macro shots of your gorgeous bling! Make sure to clean your ring the day of our session so your diamond is at its peak form. For nails, treat yourself to a fresh manicure! Chipped nails will take the attention away from your ring and the portraits. Chose a softer colored polish for the perfect complement to your outfit.

3. Do any Spray Tans or Waxes 2-3 days before your session

If you have plans to get a spray tan or at-home tanner, I highly recommend applying them 2-3 days before your session. If you tan too close to your session, the tan will appear way more orange on camera, which no one wants! Follow the same rule with waxing so you don’t have any red or puffy skin for your engagement photos.

4. Bring Comfortable Shoes to Change Into Between Locations

If you are planning to wear heels to your session (which I highly recommend with an elegant dress) bring a pair of flats or flip flops to wear between locations for extra comfort!

5. Plan to Wear a Bit More Makeup than Usual

Not a person that wears much makeup on a daily? I’m the same way! However, opt to wear a bit more than normal so it shows up on camera! Blush, lipstick, and applying false lashes are what I recommend to all my brides! I promise you will be happy with the extra glam and it won’t look overwhelming in the finished photos! Be sure to bring your lipstick or gloss for touchups throughout the session.

6. Take Allergy Medication for Spring Session

If you or your fiancé struggle with spring allergies, be sure to take or bring some allergy medication! This will save you from sneezing and runny noses during your photos.

7. Finish your Session with a Champagne Pop!

This season of life is so exciting and deserves to be celebrated! Bring along your favorite bottle of bubbly to pop at the end! It’s a sweet treat and makes for adorable photos.

8. My Last Piece of Advice – Plan a Dinner Date After Your Session

Most of my engagement sessions take place 1-2 hours before sunset for the best light. This also makes it the perfect time for you and your fiancé to go out to dinner or get some cocktails! Take advantage of these special evenings together, you will be so glad you did!

Thanks for reading! For questions about wedding day photography or to book an engagement session with me, contact me here!