March 1, 2023



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Indianapolis Fine Art Lifestyle Newborn Photos

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I had the joy of documenting lifestyle newborn photos for sweet Auggie and his parents! When I walked into their charming nursery I couldn’t help but smile at how homey it felt. The bright walls and neutral wood accents and prints made it cozy and warm yet simple and sweet! I know many families feel pressure to have the perfect nursery but you really don’t need much! Babies are much more simple than we think, they really only need you and your love, and maybe an extra outfit or two in case of a blowout 🙂 Since having our son, I realize how special and fleeting each week and month of a baby’s life is. Although I am new to parenthood, I have one piece of advice that I wish I took sooner myself! Don’t wait until you have the perfect nursery, outfits, or lose a certain amount of weight to get photos taken. Whether they are professional or just on your iphone, you will look back and cherish these days more than you can realize now.

I think lifestyle newborn photo sessions may be my new favorite! Especially since this session was a mix of film and digital photography, film is such a timeless addition! To inquire about my lifestyle session availability, please visit here. Thank you for reading!